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mountain climbing

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing is considered one of the most dangerous and extreme kinds of active tourism. Today it represents a whole industry that is constantly developing and getting more and more popular. As a rule, people climb mountains in the summer, when the weather allows you to reach the peak with as little effort as possible. […]

extreme tourism

Extreme tourism

Active types of tourist activities are winning more and more popularity among travellers. Especially popular is diving, one of the most extreme types of such activities. Diving is dangerous but at the same time thrilling. Parachute jumpers and downhill skiers are not unquestionable leaders anymore, because the number of divers around the world is rapidly […]



When going on a tour you would probably like to expect the tour operator or a travel agency to include meals in the price of your tour. But there are also other options. Let’s take a closer look at them. Catering is one of the principal services of a tourist product. Three major forms of […]



In most cases when going on a tour to another country people may find themselves in extreme conditions: this may be caused by the change of climate, chemical composition of the water, other dietary habits and many other changes that imply a certain degree of danger. That’s why one of the most important elements of […]



Excursion services designed to satisfy people’s needs in communication with spiritual and moral values, in gathering of knowledge, including professional knowledge, in the conditions of free choice of objects, methods and means of such communication. General requirements to excursions may be divided into compulsory and recommended ones. The compulsory requirements include: safety of sightseers, safety […]

transport and tourism

Transport used for travelling and tourism

It’s really hard to imagine any tourist activity without the necessity to use transport. Transport services are among the most important ones within the structure of a tourist product. It is connected with the fact that all tourist routes (except the pedestrian ones) presuppose the availability of vehicles for transportation to a recreational facility or […]



Accommodation of tourists is probably the most important part of the tour as it ranks first among the complex of services provided by tour operators and travel agencies during a trip and is an integral part of any tour. You wouldn’t probably be very excited if you find out that your tour includes only transportation […]



The result of the activities of various tourist enterprises in the form of certain services or their complex intended for sale at the market is called a tourist product. Depending on the specific character of an enterprise such product can be offered in a certain form depending on the preferences and the needs that the […]

travel agencies

Tour operators and travel agencies

Usually a tour operator is a comparatively large company in comparison with a travel agency. It has its main office and several subsidiaries in order to offer their services to more potential customers. Many big tour operators have subsidiaries in different countries. Irrespective of the number of subsidiaries a tour operator usually concludes agent agreements […]


Tourism and travelling

Tourism plays an important role in many countries’ gross domestic products, creation of additional workplaces and employment of the population, activation of foreign-trade balance. Tourism is also one of the factors that influence such key industries as transport and communications, construction, agriculture, production of consumer goods and many others as it acts as a certain […]