Mountain climbing

mountain climbingMountain climbing is considered one of the most dangerous and extreme kinds of active tourism. Today it represents a whole industry that is constantly developing and getting more and more popular. As a rule, people climb mountains in the summer, when the weather allows you to reach the peak with as little effort as possible. However, lovers of exciting experience will not stop doing that in the winter as well. Difficult weather conditions and avalanches only add to the thrill of the adventure. People mostly go to the mountains to test themselves, risk, get over all difficulties and reach the top. The feeling of a victory is everything for a mountain climber, irrespective of whether he or she has conquered Elbrus or only a wall for mountain climbers.

To be a mounting climber only desire is not enough. You have to be physically trained, have strong forearms, good flexibility and little weight that you will have to bear on you fingers. When climbing a mountain good muscles are also not enough. A lot of thinking has to be done as well to figure out how to reach the top with minimum effort and where to grasp.

Mountain climbing equipment is not cheap, though it’s not too expensive as, for example professional equipment for mountain bikers or other types of active sports. Mountain climbing gear will cost you about $1500-2000. Anyway, if you’re planning to climb a mountain only once in your life you can rent all the necessary gear. In this case it will cost you about $200. The wide variety of types of mountains and rocks all over the world has lead mountain climbing to separate into several different styles and sub-disciplines.

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