insuranceIn most cases when going on a tour to another country people may find themselves in extreme conditions: this may be caused by the change of climate, chemical composition of the water, other dietary habits and many other changes that imply a certain degree of danger. That’s why one of the most important elements of organization o tourism is the safety travelers both during transportation and staying at the place of recreation. Safety provisions include a whole package of measures within the pale of national laws that guarantee the safety of travelers during transportation, staying in a foreign country, safety of their health, life and property. The international experience of developing safety measures for tourists is studied and generalized by the World Tourist Organization.

The most effective way of ensuring safety for tourists and guarantee medical assistance (as well as other kinds of assistance) in case of an insured accident, as well as ensuring repatriation is insurance.

Travel insurance is a special type of insurance that covers valuable interests of citizens during their travels, journeys, shop tours and so on. The types of insurance used for travelling include: personal insurance, child’s insurance, collective insurance at the expense of legal persons; compulsory insurance of passengers.

The leading countries by the number of insured accidents are Turkey, Egypt, Spain and Cyprus. Turkey is acknowledged by many tour operators as an undisputable leader in this list. The most common diagnosis here is gastroenteritis.

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