Long distance travel: Tips to pack for a trip to Europe

When going to Europe from the US, you have to face the facts: you have a long flight ahead, and if you don’t want to bring multiple suitcases, you have to pack the smart way. Of course, if you are not staying long, it can be easier but chances are you might want to stay there long enough to enjoy it. Here are some packing tips for your next trip to Europe.

girl carrying a suitcase and a backpack

Packing clothes

Now that you have booked your flight Atlanta-Paris (or any other cities) you have to actually start packing. Even before packing, there is an important step: choosing what clothes to bring. In order to bring the right amount of clothes, just follow a simple rule, for one pair of trousers (or shorts, skirt…) bring two tops that can go with it. This allows you to change your outfit everyday even if you wear the same trousers, and not to overpack.

Then, when putting your clothes in your suitcase, don’t just fold them. Roll them in order to save space. Put your shoes on the side and use the space inside your shoes to put socks for example. If you need to bring shirts, fold then normally and use a belt to keep the collar in place. As a bonus, your belt won’t spread in the suitcase.

Packing hygiene products

Like everyone else, you probably chose to book cheap airline tickets for your trip to Europe. This means you probably cannot bring as many bags as you would want to. So you have to put your beauty products in the same suitcase as your clothes. To avoid any major catastrophe, always pack hygiene products such as shampoo and make up in a separate plastic bag or ziplock. You can also prevent anything to spill by putting plastic wrap under the top. You also have to remember not to put any big bottles in your carry-on bag as they will probably take them away before boarding the plane.

Now you are more than ready to go enjoy your vacation in Europe!

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