Extreme tourism

Active types of tourist activities are winning more and more popularity among travellers. Especially popular is diving, one of the most extreme types of such activities. Diving is dangerous but at the same time thrilling. Parachute jumpers and downhill skiers are not unquestionable leaders anymore, because the number of divers around the world is rapidly growing. Divers are fully confident that there is no better recreation than diving to forty-meter depth with heavy oxygen cylinders behind their back. Today there is more than 20 million certified amateur divers, and only 40 years ago there were only a few hundred of them.

Parachute jumps are also becoming very popular around the world today. People started to jump with parachutes extreme tourismmore than a half of the century ago, but it turned into a mass sport only 15 years ago. Today there are many variants of parachute jumping, like sky surfing, group acrobatics, as well as a new subtype of parachute jumping called B.A.S.E. jumping. It implies not only exciting experience but also a great spectacle. Many people come from remote places just to watch special competitions where people jump from skyscrapers, television towers, bridges, rocks.

If you don’t like diving underwater or jumping from high altitudes you can try windsurfing, which is extremely popular today as well. But you also must be aware that this type of activity is connected with constant falls into the water and the risk of choking, as well as with inevitable callosities on your hands.

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