When going on a tour you would probably like to expect the tour operator or a travel agency to include meals in the price of your tour. But there are also other options. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Catering is one of the principal services of a tourist product. Three major forms of such services may be distinguished: meals paid for by the guest; means not included in the price of staying at the hotel; and meals provided for additional pay.

The catering services that have been paid for may be divided into full pension, demi-pension and breakfasts only.

If meals are not included in the price of a tour clients have to pay additionally for them. In this case they, as a rule, have more freedom in choosing different meals from the menu. As a rule menus include various types of foods so that the client has the possibility to always chose what he or she likes.

Depending on the contingent of the guests, level of service and equipment of a catering company, different types of service may be used. The most widespread are the following: French service, which is typical for high-class restaurants emphasizing their level of comfort; English service, where a waiter serves the meals on a trolley and gives them to the guests; American service, where food is prepared and put on plates right in the kitchen, and then distributed among the guests by waiters; German service, where food is put on a big dish and put not far from the guests – guests are then supposed to serve themselves; and Russian service, where food is brought in serving dishes.

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