Transport used for travelling and tourism

It’s really hard to imagine any tourist activity without the necessity to use transport. Transport services are among the most important ones within the structure of a tourist product. It is connected with the fact that all tourist routes (except the pedestrian ones) presuppose the availability of vehicles for transportation to a recreational facility or an excursion. That’s why transport options are always included as a part of a tourist product.

transport and tourism

Types of transport used for travelling and tourism are divided into three categories: land, water and air transport. Among the land transport facilities automobile transport is most often used as it represents a universal means of taking tourists “from door to door”. Railroad is also a very effective means of taking tourists to middle distances in comfort conditions and at moderate prices.

Water transport facilities can be divided into underwater (excursion submarines) and above-water ones (all types of ships, yachts, boats etc.).

Air transportation includes various types of transport facilities from airplanes and airliners to such exotic ones like balloons, hang gliders an so on.

The whole system of transportation of tourists can also be divided into three categories: tourist transportation from their place of residence to the place of recreation that’s included in the tour; transfer – provision of transport facilities for meeting and seeing off of tourists; and transportation services for program activities, excursions, visiting neighboring territories, and so on.

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