Accommodation of tourists is probably the most important part of the tour as it ranks first among the complex of services provided by tour operators and travel agencies during a trip and is an integral part of any tour. You wouldn’t probably be very excited if you find out that your tour includes only transportation and excursions without any place where you can stay overnight.

Accommodation places are any objects that are regularly or occasionally used for overnight stays representing the core of the whole tourist industry. Construction of new accommodation places will considerably increase the attractiveness of a tourist location, as well as the flow of tourists. High level of accommodation services defines such psychological aspects of tourism as satisfaction and appreciation of organization of staying in one country or another. Among the various accommodation options available in the world today hotel industry has one of the most important positions.

Hotel industry as a type of economic activities that includes provision of hotel services and organisation of short-term residence in hotels, camping sites, motels, hostels, etc. Services of restaurants are also included here. The following characteristics are typical for hotels: a minimum number of rooms administrated by one managing body; provision of obligatory and additional services; division into classes and categories depending on the services and equipment available for use by the customers.


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