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Treat yourself to one of the best skiing resort of the French Alps

If winter sports are your thing, the French Alps is definitely the place to be. With miles and miles of skiing pistes covered in snow,” Les Portes du Soleil” (literally “The Sun’s Doors”), is actually one of the vastest skiing area of the world. And in this wonderful scenery one resort take the central location. […]

friends on holidays in a ski resort

This is why you should choose Les Menuires to go skiing in the Alps

Choosing where to go skiing is not always an easy task. In the French Alps, there are many ski resorts offering a lot of activities. Some are better for families, others are great at welcoming groups, they all have their specialties. Here is an overview of what Les Menuires has to offer and this is […]

Choosing the best winter holidays

What type of winter holidays to choose?

Going on vacation in the Alps in winter is a wonderful idea. But you still have to choose the type of holidays you want. Do you want sports holidays where you spend the whole day on the slopes? Or relaxing holidays enjoying some spa time? You can also choose to discover nature in winter in […]

Have you caught the big mountain skiing wave yet?

The practice of leaving the groomed snow of the ski slopes and swapping them instead for the thrill of the less-explored territory of the off-piste world is becoming more and more popular. There are many names for this approach to skiing: freeriding, back country skiing, big mountain skiing are just a few. As the conditions […]

Ski holidays in the French Alps and other winter sports too!

The typical French ski resort offers a lot more than just skiing. Once upon a time, ski holidays meant just that – skiing and lots of it. Nowadays, travellers are looking for more variety in their winter vacations, and ski holidays in the French Alps can give them variety galore! Alpine ski resort Val Thorens […]

Chamonix hotels: serving a wide spectrum of visitors!

The French Alps have always attracted a wide range of visitors thanks to the diversity of leisure activities on offer in the region, but also the huge selection of hotels and other kinds of accommodation. Although many people associate hotels in Chamonix with the upper-end of the market, therefore assuming they will be more expensive […]