The result of the activities of various tourist enterprises in the form of certain services or their complex intended for sale at the market is called a tourist product. Depending on the specific character of an enterprise such product can be offered in a certain form depending on the preferences and the needs that the client wants to satisfy. They may be both separate services (like accommodation at a hotel) and their packages offered to the consumer as a tourist trip with a specified route. Such package of services is seen and purchased by the consumer as a single product. Such single product as a sum of various services is called a tour.

A tour is the main type of tourist products presented at the market and produced by tourist companies. It is a complex of services or products combined by a single goal of the trip.

Creation of an attractive tourist product is the most important goal for a tour operator. A tour package usually includes a previously planned set of services aimed at a certain type of tourism, as well as the social class and age of the travelers. The whole package may be divided into main and additional services. The main set of services includes transportation, accommodation, meals, program services (excursions, entertainment, education, etc. as a designated purpose of the tour). Additional services are an important element of every tour. Technically it may include all kinds of services that a customer may have the desire to pay for additionally.



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