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Preserve memories of your travels forever thanks to a customized medal!

One of the great pleasures of travelling is reminiscing about past trips while you anticipate future journeys. However, sometimes we’ve been so many places, our brains need a little jogging from time to time. That’s where a carefully-chosen souvenir can be really useful in helping us recall certain details which might otherwise be lost forever. […]

girl carrying a suitcase and a backpack

Long distance travel: Tips to pack for a trip to Europe

When going to Europe from the US, you have to face the facts: you have a long flight ahead, and if you don’t want to bring multiple suitcases, you have to pack the smart way. Of course, if you are not staying long, it can be easier but chances are you might want to stay […]

Travelling while studying is a great opportunity for students

Studying abroad: a great opportunity to travel

Travelling while studying is a great opportunity for students. It allows them to discover new countries and cultures while studying a language for example. There are different possibilities to travel when you are a student and also different types of trips. Here is a quick of summary of all the possibilities to travel while studying. […]

Summer fun in the Alpine resort of Les Arcs

The Alps were a summer holiday destination before winter sports really took off – and they continue to attract visitors right throughout the summer season. Ski resorts like Les Arcs France have taken increasingly imaginative approaches to cater to this clientele, with considerable success. When the snow stops, the fun doesn’t have to! There is […]

Provence: where history reigns supreme!

Provence’s history is sometimes overshadowed by its other attractions, such as its food and wine, its scenery and its climate. However, this region has been a hub for many civilizations over thousands of years, endowing Provence with its own, very special heritage. Provence: Greek and Roman influences Provence’s connection to Ancient Greece dates back to […]

Travelling to Europe : what sim card package should I choose?

Many travellers have become wise to the extremely high roaming charges levied on their calls and data usage when abroad. One of the most obvious solutions to this problem is a sim card package. You can buy country-specific packages, such as a France sim card or you can opt for the even greater flexibility of […]

mountain climbing

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing is considered one of the most dangerous and extreme kinds of active tourism. Today it represents a whole industry that is constantly developing and getting more and more popular. As a rule, people climb mountains in the summer, when the weather allows you to reach the peak with as little effort as possible. […]

extreme tourism

Extreme tourism

Active types of tourist activities are winning more and more popularity among travellers. Especially popular is diving, one of the most extreme types of such activities. Diving is dangerous but at the same time thrilling. Parachute jumpers and downhill skiers are not unquestionable leaders anymore, because the number of divers around the world is rapidly […]


Sea and river cruises

Sea and river transportation of tourists is usually implemented in the form of carriage of passengers, excursion voyages, ferry trips and cruises. The major type of sea and river transportation of tourists is cruising. Cruising is an international business that represents a complex of market structures and combines a number of international market segments. On […]



When going on a tour you would probably like to expect the tour operator or a travel agency to include meals in the price of your tour. But there are also other options. Let’s take a closer look at them. Catering is one of the principal services of a tourist product. Three major forms of […]