Excursion services designed to satisfy people’s needs in communication with spiritual and moral values, in gathering of knowledge, including professional knowledge, in the conditions of free choice of objects, methods and means of such communication.

General requirements to excursions may be divided into compulsory and recommended ones. The compulsory requirements include: safety of sightseers, safety of their property, environmental protection (including protection of historical and cultural monuments). The safety of sightseers is guaranteed during the whole excursion (in normal and emergency conditions).

Recommended requirements include: comfort, complexity, ergonomicity, ethic character, attractiveness. The services of a guide are considered the key element of such activities. The efficiency of excursion services directly depends on the quality of their organization and carrying out of the whole set of excursion activities. The quality of excursions is the key element in this set and it depends to a considerable degree on personal skills of the guide. A guide must have the following qualities: intellectuality, individuality, responsibility, dignity, active life-style. Thus, the more eloquent the guide is, the more sightseers he or she will attract. Among other things, the guide should possess good knowledge about the subject of the excursion, be familiar with the methodology of operating excursions, participate in development of new routes and so on.

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