Ski holidays in the French Alps and other winter sports too!

The typical French ski resort offers a lot more than just skiing. Once upon a time, ski holidays meant just that – skiing and lots of it. Nowadays, travellers are looking for more variety in their winter vacations, and ski holidays in the French Alps can give them variety galore! Alpine ski resort Val Thorens […]

Chamonix hotels: serving a wide spectrum of visitors!

The French Alps have always attracted a wide range of visitors thanks to the diversity of leisure activities on offer in the region, but also the huge selection of hotels and other kinds of accommodation. Although many people associate hotels in Chamonix with the upper-end of the market, therefore assuming they will be more expensive […]

mountain climbing

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing is considered one of the most dangerous and extreme kinds of active tourism. Today it represents a whole industry that is constantly developing and getting more and more popular. As a rule, people climb mountains in the summer, when the weather allows you to reach the peak with as little effort as possible. […]

extreme tourism

Extreme tourism

Active types of tourist activities are winning more and more popularity among travellers. Especially popular is diving, one of the most extreme types of such activities. Diving is dangerous but at the same time thrilling. Parachute jumpers and downhill skiers are not unquestionable leaders anymore, because the number of divers around the world is rapidly […]


Sea and river cruises

Sea and river transportation of tourists is usually implemented in the form of carriage of passengers, excursion voyages, ferry trips and cruises. The major type of sea and river transportation of tourists is cruising. Cruising is an international business that represents a complex of market structures and combines a number of international market segments. On […]



When going on a tour you would probably like to expect the tour operator or a travel agency to include meals in the price of your tour. But there are also other options. Let’s take a closer look at them. Catering is one of the principal services of a tourist product. Three major forms of […]

style of service

Style of service

Maintaining a certain style in communication and serving guests is an important element of work of every hotel. Style of service is a set of certain rules and standards of behaviour of the staff in servicing guests of the hotel. Each of the workers contributes to the creation of the client’s good image of the […]



In most cases when going on a tour to another country people may find themselves in extreme conditions: this may be caused by the change of climate, chemical composition of the water, other dietary habits and many other changes that imply a certain degree of danger. That’s why one of the most important elements of […]



Excursion services designed to satisfy people’s needs in communication with spiritual and moral values, in gathering of knowledge, including professional knowledge, in the conditions of free choice of objects, methods and means of such communication. General requirements to excursions may be divided into compulsory and recommended ones. The compulsory requirements include: safety of sightseers, safety […]

transport and tourism

Transport used for travelling and tourism

It’s really hard to imagine any tourist activity without the necessity to use transport. Transport services are among the most important ones within the structure of a tourist product. It is connected with the fact that all tourist routes (except the pedestrian ones) presuppose the availability of vehicles for transportation to a recreational facility or […]