Sea and river cruises

CruisesSea and river transportation of tourists is usually implemented in the form of carriage of passengers, excursion voyages, ferry trips and cruises.

The major type of sea and river transportation of tourists is cruising. Cruising is an international business that represents a complex of market structures and combines a number of international market segments.

On the most of cruise routes flexible price policies are used to attract tourists with different incomes, as well as various discounts are offered, for example during off-season period or in case of advance booking.

Depending on available technologies and the level of comfort of a vessel, the level of service, amounts of available tariffs and a number of other indicators cruise companies are divided into four major categories: standard, first class, prestige, super lux. There may be economical cruises, premium cruises, luxury cruises and exclusive cruises. Classical cruises prevail mostly on the international market, they fully comply with all modern requirements as to comfort, service and design.

Premium cruises are focused on demanding clients that have higher expectations of service and comfort. Tourists are offered personal attention.

Luxury cruises and exclusive cruises are intended for very rich tourists, people of high condition. These are closed clubs and the geography of such cruises mostly is focused on exotic directions. Unlike sea cruises river cruises are less prone to weather influences and are more informative as there is certain field of view.

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