Travelling to Europe : what sim card package should I choose?

Many travellers have become wise to the extremely high roaming charges levied on their calls and data usage when abroad. One of the most obvious solutions to this problem is a sim card package. You can buy country-specific packages, such as a France sim card or you can opt for the even greater flexibility of an international deal covering many different nations. If you buy a French sim card, you’ll receive a local mobile phone number, and pay far less for texts and calls in France than would be the case had you used your normal sim card. Packages will vary from company to company, but will often include either a certain amount of talk time and texts, or a set data allowance. Certain service providers also take the headache out of choosing the right sim card for your phone – standard, micro or nano by using ‘universal’ sim cards.


Going on a multi-destination holiday? A Europe sim card is what you need!

A lot of people have realized that sim card packages are a good idea when travelling abroad, but what happens if you plan to go to more than one country in the space of your trip? This is exactly the kind of scenario for which the Europe sim card has been devised. This is a package which offers you a French phone number and a sim card valid for the entire EU. This means you can phone, text and surf the web in most countries in Europe at reasonable rates. Some packages focus on data bundles, others on call time and texts. With some companies you can even buy a phone which can take two sim cards, enabling you to have two phone numbers on the one phone.


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