Major hotel services

Major hotel servicesThe major hotel services are: reception, reservation, settlement, consumer service and distribution of hotel room capacity.

The reception service is often referred to as the “heart” or the “nerve center” of the whole hotel. This department is contacted by the customers most often as this is the place where everybody goes with all kinds of requests and problems during the stay at the hotel.

The department of distribution of hotel room capacity is designed to maintain the required level of comfort and sanitary condition of rooms, as well as public areas.

Reservation service performs the following functions: receipt of requests and their processing; preparation of necessary documents: arrival schedules, hotel room capacity distribution map and so on.

Consumer service is the most important element at a hotel from the point of view of the visitors. By judging consumer service they judge the whole hotel in general, that’s why it’s important to pay enough attention to the level of this service. Because of the importance of the first impression about the hotel it is advisable to give the staff enough knowledge about how to serve visitors and what to say. For example, doorkeepers receiving guests at the entrance should not only open the doors and help tourists with their luggage, but also provide them with all the necessary information about the services, events, locations of other entertainment facilities around the hotel etc. Similarly, bellboys should know the hours of work of the cafĂ©, bar, laundry, pool etc.

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