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travel agencies

Tour operators and travel agencies

Usually a tour operator is a comparatively large company in comparison with a travel agency. It has its main office and several subsidiaries in order to offer their services to more potential customers. Many big tour operators have subsidiaries in different countries. Irrespective of the number of subsidiaries a tour operator usually concludes agent agreements […]

tourist industry

Tourist industry

Generally speaking, tourist industry is an industry of providing tourist services to customers. It’s a complex system of companies, organizations and institutions of both the productive and non-manufacturing sphere of economy that provide production, distribution, exchange and consumption of the tourist product, development and usage of tourist resources and creation of the material and technical […]

Social tourism

Social tourism

In the countries of the European Union social tourism is associated with customers that do not have enough income to be able to pay for high-quality tourist services. This category of citizens needs certain social privileges and includes, first of all, large families, orphan children, pupils of orphanages and boarding schools, students and working youth, […]

Business tourism

Business tourism

Every year business, cultural and scientific connections between regions and countries are becoming more and more intensive. Business tourism plays an important role in this process. The development of the national economy and its integration into the world market are impossible without business tourism. Today every fourth person out of ten who leave their homes […]

ecological tourism

Ecological tourism

Due to the increasing ecological awareness of people around the globe as a reaction to numerous factors that destructively affect the earth’s ecological system (pollution of seas, rivers and lakes with chemicals by industrial wastes, greenhouse effect destroying the earth’s glaciers, air pollution by exhausts from motor vehicles, aerosols and industrial discharge of gases etc.) […]


Tourism and travelling

Tourism plays an important role in many countries’ gross domestic products, creation of additional workplaces and employment of the population, activation of foreign-trade balance. Tourism is also one of the factors that influence such key industries as transport and communications, construction, agriculture, production of consumer goods and many others as it acts as a certain […]